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The federation’s mission is to support the goals and objectives of the University through recruitment, financial support, public relations, community outreach, talent, loyalty, dedication and commitment to the highest standards.
Dear Supporter:

Thank you for visiting my website.  For the last several years, I have been working with the Southern University family through our System Foundation and Alumni Federation.  As legal counsel, I led the $60,000,000.00 bond transaction in 2006 that financed our new North Endzone, new Student Dormitories, a new Intramural Facility, the acquisition of a building on our Shreveport campus and other capital improvements.  In tough times, I successfully represented our University’s Foundation and Federation through difficult litigation.  In my law practice, I have developed and represented corporations and institutions for nearly 20 years.  I’ve been a law school professor for 12 years and previously served as an ad hoc judge.

A couple of years ago, I became President of the Southern University Laboratory School Foundation where we helped save the school from closure.  Today, it is open and prospering.  The school was losing almost $1 million a year and it is now thriving with a balanced budget with a waiting list of more than 100 students.  We launched the Southern University Miniature Laboratories (Mini Labs) this semester which have drawn national attention to the College of Education, Arts and Humanities as one of its most innovative strategic initiatives.  I consider these accomplishments to be Phase I of my contribution to our dear Southern University.  It’s now time to begin Phase II.

Phase II will be my service as our President of the Southern University Alumni Federation.  While I will continue the work I’ve already begun, this position will allow me to extend my service to the Southern University family throughout the country. I sincerely appreciate your support.  Enjoy the website!

Go Jags,


Southern U. Alma Mater

O Southern, Dear Southern, Thy praises we shall sing,
Until all the heavens and echoes loudly ring.
The winds and the sky as they pass us by
Will Adoration bring.
O Southern, Dear Southern, We owe our all to Thee,
In downfall or vict'ry, We'll always loyal be.
Thy Sons and Daughters as they work,
Will be inspired by Thee.
O Southern, Dear Southern, Thy name will ever be,
As mighty as the rivers that flow on to the sea,
As pure and true as the Gold and Blue,
That stand out bold for Thee.

(Original Words and Music by R.E. Brown, Jr.)
Southern U. Fight Song

Southern University,
Defenders of the gold and blue
We will always loyal be
And raise a cheer for you.
All for one and one for all
We've got the will to win for thee
And We'll fight, fight, fight
Til we win the victory.

(Huel Perkins, 1951)

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Dear Southernites:

In July of 2014, you elected a new administration of national officers, and we appointed five more.  Those officers set out on an ambitious agenda to help grow our University and our Alumni Federation.  We developed a Strategic Plan that had as its primary objective an aggressive national student recruitment plan to help the University dig its way out of a financial hole caused in part by draconian state funding cuts in excess of $40M over the six prior years.  We also agreed to increase our membership in the Federation and improve communications.  We believe we have exceeded our goals.  Here are a few of our accomplishments made since this administration took office:

1.    Reorganized the Federation into six geographic regions;

2.    Appointed Regional Directors to help recruit students and alumni across the country;

3.    Raised funding and hired a Regional Student Recruiters in Chicago to cover the Midwest Region of the country, Atlanta to cover                    the Southern Region, and Houston to cover the Texas Region;

4.    Helped the University increase fall 2015 freshman enrollment by 31% which represented nearly $2M in additional recurring                           annual tuition and fees;

5.    Persuaded the University to formally adopt the Federation’s national recruitment program and make it an official part of the                             University’s recruitment program and expand the program to the Western Region of the country;

6.    Hired a full-time Membership Coordinator to help increase membership - she generated more than twice her salary in increased                revenue through membership dues and enhanced our membership services;

7.    Increased membership in the Federation by 10%;

8.    Created the SU Young Alumni Network and appointed a young alumnus to lead the effort and participate in the monthly Executive                 Board and Council meetings, which has resulted in a substantial increase in participation by young alums;

9.    Led the planning for SU Day at the Capitol during the 2015 Legislative Session;

10.  Fought to pass House Bill 171 that gave the University more autonomy in setting admission standards;

11.  Helped convince the Louisiana Board of Regents to adopt a policy similar to HB 171;

12.  Advocated for the passage of House Bill 129 that gave Southern the autonomy to waive out-of-state tuition by testifying at the                          Louisiana Legislature and leading a national letter writing campaign;

13. Organized the first Southern University National Academic Signing Day that included chapters in 20 cities around the country                          and all three undergraduate campuses;

14. Organized all SWAC national alumni associations along with Dillard and Southern and formed the HBCU Alumni Coalition;

15. Developed a national platform and led a national discussion regarding the power of HBCUs at the ESSENCE Festival in the                          summer of 2015;

16.  Revamped the Federation’s website and social media platforms;

17.  Produced weekly editions of our electronic newsletter, News & Notes, wherein I personally wrote a President’s Message on the                    latest SU-related events and developments;

18.  Raised the profile of the Federation with more television and radio appearances and a billboard on I-110;

19.  Modernized the Federation’s elections process by implementing a hybrid-electronic voting system;

20.  Passed a balanced FY2015-16 budget; and

21.  Began the development of National Alumni Student Retention Program.

On behalf of the national officers, regional directors and chapter presidents from around the nation, thank you for allowing us to serve our alma mater.  We are grateful for all of the past presidents, officers and volunteers who have served before us.  It is on your shoulders that we stand boldly for Southern and working tirelessly to make this Great University Greater!    



Preston J. Castille, Jr., JD
National President
HBCU Alumni Coalition President